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The International Human Trafficking Institute (IHTI) connects college campus groups and student leaders who seek to combat human trafficking, including labor and sex trafficking. Founded in 2014 as a program of The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Inc., the IHTI is growing quickly and aims to connect campus groups from around the world.

The IHTI is different from other organizations seeking to end human trafficking. The goals of the IHTI are the goals of the students who join; its mission is to connect and educate, not to advance any one agenda over another. This mission is aligned with The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Inc., the umbrella organization of the Center for Civil and Human Rights — an engaging cultural attraction in downtown Atlanta that works to empower people to join the global dialogue for civil and human rights in their communities.

The IHTI is building a student-led movement to fight human trafficking, forced labor, and slavery. We will accomplish this by five means:

  1. Amplifying student voices: creating platforms for students to share original thoughts and content, shifting the discourse to be more inclusive, evidence-based, and representative
  2. Training and education: providing student activists with the knowledge and skills to be effective change agents
  3. Connecting student activists: fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration between student activists all over the world
  4. Connecting students to local resources: grounding student efforts in concrete actions by linking them to local organizations and activists
  5. Leveraging student power for change: utilizing the energy, ideas, and skills of the IHTI network to pursue local, national, and international policy targets
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