Sex Trafficking: A Cultural Paradox

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Domestic minor sex trafficking. Now that I got your attention, I want you to ask yourself: Why did these four words make you interested in what else I have to say? February 11, 2016 I had the pleasure of being able to support the promotion of the Safe Harbor Act, which was passed last year, [...]

What you didn’t hear: Understanding Human Trafficking

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A crowd of more than 200 was in attendance at the Center for Civil and Human Rights to preview the CNN Special Report -- Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking. The atmosphere was somber as we had a glimpse into the lives of our children caught in the web of human sex [...]

The Sex-Abuse-to-Prison Pipeline: How Girls of Color Are Unjustly Arrested and Incarcerated

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In 2014, President Barack Obama announced My Brother’s Keeper, a desperately needed initiative to create educational and economic opportunities for black and brown boys and men. In addition to My Brother’s Keeper, there has been a new and emerging recognition that mass incarceration must come to an end, along with the school-to-prison pipeline that relegates so [...]

In the brush: The confusion between smuggling and trafficking

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Before I knew anything about anything I was under the impression that those crossing the Mexican/United States border were doing so voluntarily.  Similarly those migrants squeezing onto ramshackle unstable fishing boats half way across the world were, albeit exposing themselves to a harsh journey, doing so willingly to seek a better life.  From my American, [...]

Child Trafficking and the Case of Tamir Rice

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Lately I have been seeing more and more public service announcements focused on addressing domestic trafficking. These ads usually represent young-looking people and are framed with messages about how child prostitution is human trafficking. The focus on children and young people is tied to the definition of trafficking, which identifies under-aged people as victims whether [...]


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On July 1st, ECPAT-USA, the US branch of an international organization working to end sex trafficking of children, will launch a Public Service Announcement called #DoesYourHotelKnow.   The PSA highlights child sex trafficking in hotels, and encourages hotel chains, management companies, and owners to join the Code of Conduct. Since its establishment in 1990 ECPAT-USA has [...]

We Have It All

By | 2015-05-03T03:30:56+00:00 April 21st, 2015|Children, Featured, Forced Marriage, Labor Trafficking, Women|

by Fatema El-Sayed, a student of Political Science at the American University in Cairo As I climb out of my shiny Toyota, a young girl and boy immediately approach me, attempting to sell me cheap imported toys. A third, no taller than my waist, joins them. Except, he has no products to offer me, he [...]

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