Jeanette Lopez: 2016 Miami Convening Reflection

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The IHTI Miami Convening: Student's Taking Action Against Human Trafficking was the catalyst in reigniting an anti-human trafficking movement and awareness at FIorida International University (FIU). On campus. I have been actively involved in anti-human trafficking work and have volunteered to help raise awareness at various events. Still, I realized that there was not a [...]

Daniel Alvarez- 2016 Miami Convening Reflection: Small Groups, Big Changes

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As a student facilitator at the Miami Convening, I had the privilege of guiding a group of students through the development of a university-wide campaign to address social injustice related to human trafficking. The idea of planning a campaign to address social injustice is certainly daunting. However, the students in my group proved that a daunting task such [...]

Reem Kader: Summer Teach-In Reflection

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Through this blog, I am going to be very honest and open. I want to share what I learned from the Summer Teach-In and how much it affected me once I was back home in Florida. I used to think I was somewhat of an activist; someone who read and kept up with the daily news [...]

Akua Yamoah: Summer Teach-In Reflection

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The only thing I was ever taught about the American Civil Rights Movement was the big names: the main trailblazers that have roads named after them, books written about them, or are displayed in museums, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X. For many years, I knew only the faces of [...]

The Current State of Sex Trafficking Legislation in Georgia

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In March 2014, the Urban Institute, a Washington D.C. based research institute focused on economic and social problems encountered in American urban areas, published the results of a study conducted for the U.S. Justice Department concerning the underground commercial sex economy in eight major U.S. cities – Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Miami, Seattle, San [...]

The Impact of Georgia Legislation on the Lives of Trafficked Women

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This post is the first part of a series discussing the impact of legislation on trafficked women in Georgia. It is believed that today 4.5 million people are victims of commercial sexual exploitation throughout the world. 98% of these victims are women. When one refers to sex trafficking, or human trafficking in general, it is [...]

Why IHTI is Ready to Mobilize Florida

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Florida is one of the top three Human Trafficking Destinations in the U.S because… There's a large number of immigrants. An influx of visitors. Runaway minors. Military bases.  Hotel and service industries. Agriculture’s need for cheap labor. Transient male population. Tourism. Florida’s large agricultural economy and immigrant population makes it a prime environment for forced [...]

Drought-stricken Rural Area of Uganda Provides Pipeline of Children for Traffickers to Exploit

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KAMPALA, UGANDA – It was nearly a year ago that Dorothy Acan sent her oldest child, 10-year-old Thomas, to find a job in Uganda’s capital city. The family lives in the impoverished Karamoja region, and Acan struggled to find enough food to feed Thomas and her two other children. A woman offered to take Thomas [...]

The Way We Choose to Consume Matters

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One of the first things that I realized when I started my internship at IHTI was that there is a large misconception of what human trafficking entails. For many people it refers mainly to sex trafficking. This doesn’t mean that they ignore the whole signification of the term, but mostly that other forms of human [...]

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