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IHTI is encouraging students to raise the bar. Let’s move beyond awareness-raising and pursue some concrete action plans! Please email us if you have any questions or need help!

Display the Trafficking Hotline

Unlike traditional flyering, asking local businesses to post the trafficking hotline in their  restrooms can make a concrete difference in the life of a victim/survivor of trafficking.

You can also speak to your local politicians about requiring businesses to post the hotline as required by law. See Georgia’s O.C.G.A. 16­5­47 for guidance. Here is a flyer to use as an example.

Stage a Sit in or Protest­

Nothing encourages action like an organized display of displeasure with the current order. Stage it in front of the local factory, corporate headquarters, campus, school, or courthouse. Get your voice heard. Make sure to incorporate these elements and you can’t go wrong.

Start a Divestment Campaign­

Many large institutions, such as universities, churches, or businesses, have large endowments, which are investments in corporations or mutual funds. Have your local church, campus, or workplace invest their money ethically. Encourage them to invest in businesses that commit to ethical labor and who promote trafficking education, and to withdraw their investments from businesses that profit from forced labor. Here are some resources

Promote Fair Trade­

If your grocery store or school or office doesn’t provide fair trade goods, take a stand! Get your friends and colleagues involved too. Need help? Check out our recommended campaign with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

Start a Silence Campaign

Get your group to commit to silence for a specific amount of time (hours, days). This is a symbolic action representing the victims of human trafficking who do not have voices. Create a list of goals that your group would like to achieve by the time your silence is complete. This could include a fundraising goal, or increased membership for your group.

Host a Panel

Bring in speakers to give a varied perspective on the topics. Contact us for help finding a speaker:
Think about pairing your awareness-raising event with an action such as a letter-writing campaign or tabling.

Show a Documentary­

Screening a documentary can sometimes seem redundant, and they often portray human trafficking inaccurately. If you want to show a film, use our pre­screened list for more quality work.Think about pairing your awareness-raising event with an action such as a letter-writing campaign or tabling.


Hand out flyers promoting your group and other activities that inspire others to educate themselves about human trafficking and take action against it.

Host an Activity

Get your community involved and educate them about the issue of human trafficking and it’s many facets.

Write a Paper­

Whether it’s for an entry level class or for your dissertation, focus your research on human trafficking. Maybe even submit your research as an IHTI blog post!

Be a Policy Advocate

Work with local politicians to strengthen anti­trafficking legislation, write letters to your state senators and representatives (for a template check this out), you can also lobby at your state capitol. Find out if there is a trafficking day already designated and gather a group to take a stance. See our page with information on current legislation.

Remember to pass this page on to your friends to join the effort to end human trafficking:

Keep us up to date on your progress by contacting us at