Georgia: Campaign to Pass the Safe Harbor Amendment

IHTI is an active member of the campaign to support the Safe Harbor Amendment, as referred to as constitutional amendment 2. As part of a United Way of Greater Atlanta coalition, we will be holding a number of events between now and election day on November 8, 2016 to ensure passage of this important resolution. In the November 2016 General Election, Georgia voters will be asked to vote on a State Constitutional Amendment that would allow for additional penalties to be applied to those found guilty of trafficking, prostitution, and related crimes and to use those funds to establish a Safe Harbor Fund for survivors.

Please visit our events page regularly to stay up-to-date on important activities on this and other campaigns.

Click here to read more about the Safe Harbor Amendment.

Action Steps to raise Awareness about Constitutional Amendment #2:

  1. Encourage early voter registration with an emphasis on voting Yes for Amendment #2 at an existing Forum or event on campus.
  2. Organize an information session on campus. We have a presentation deck that we can share with you.
  3. Join our social media campaign by following us on FB & Twitter @SafeHarborYes and encouraging others to do so as well. Sign the Pledge to Vote Yes on our website SafeHarborYes.com.
  4. Arrange for an announcement at a football game, we have material that could be used for this and if this an option please let us know and we help you with this.
  5. Set up a Tail Gate booth at a football game with Safe Harbor Yes messaging. We have material on our website that would be available for distribution.
  6. ON OCT. 17 we will be launching a POWERFUL social media ad that we want all groups and individuals to share across social media.
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