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Do You Qualify?

  • Eligibility for partner level members is limited to student organizations that have been active for at least one year.
    • It’s important that in your first year, your organization holds events, meetings, and actively recruits new members.
    • With at least one year of sustained activity, your organization demonstrates an ability to be a strategic partner in the anti-trafficking movement.

In the Community

  • Partner level members have an active community presence
    • Students eager to make a difference in the anti-trafficking movement need to put in the necessary work.
    • This could mean hosting an awareness event or working with your university to  become a Fair Trade institution.
    • We encourage our partner level members to get out and be active!

Monthly Reporting

  • Reporting information about your events, meetings, and membership is helpful to you  and us.
    • It helps both your organization and the IHTI know what events were successful on your campus, how students are recruiting new members, and what resources we can offer your organization.

Student Steering Committee

  • The Student Steering Committee is a body of anti-trafficking student leaders who are instrumental in determining the IHTI’s direction. Partner organizations select one of their members to represent their group on the SSC for a one year term.
    • The Student Steering Committee (SSC) is responsible for setting the agenda of the IHTI. The SSC also determines and plans the programming of the IHTI.
    • Having student leadership in  the IHTI is integral to who we are as a student-led movement..

Contributions to our Web Resources

  • An online presence is very important for a movement with an international focus.
    • We encourage student activists and organizations to submit blog pieces, digital media, and research to our website.
    • In addition, with our resources and your experiences, we can make the internet an interactive space. We motivate students to work with us to host webinars, interviews, and web-panel discussions.

Upholding the Values of the IHTI

Partners of the IHTI commit to upholding our core values and standards in all of their efforts for activism.

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