At IHTI we know that there are many training materials available to students. We did not want to reinvent the wheel. Instead here are some links to training materials that you might be interested in:

Campaign Planning Model

Want to keep your campaign organized? We recommend using the Five Shifts in Social Change:

Five Shifts for Social Change

A significant alteration over time in behavior patterns and cultural values and norms.

Social Change takes time, but creates a lasting impact. We can measure and evaluate our work through five shifts. These shifts represent and indicate root cause change that is happening in society.

  1. Shifts in awareness: The issue is defined differently in the community or larger society.
  2. Shifts in behavior:People are behaving differently in the community or larger society.
  3. Shifts in engagement:People in the community or larger society are more engaged in your issue.
  4. Shifts in policy:An institutional, organizational, or legislative policy or practice has changed.
  5. Maintaining or holding the line:Earlier progress on the issue has been maintained in the face of opposition.

Source: The Women’s Fund


Tired of running bake sales? Check out these resources for more creative ideas:

Event Planning

Volunteer Management

Need some volunteers to help implement these ideas, but don’t have experience managing them? Check out this chapter from Community Tool Box

For a more comprehensive view: See this volunteer handbook

Social Media

So you aren’t a PR genius? Don’t worry. Check out this intro to social media

If you just need a short topic refresher

Hootsuite… Hootwhat?- Learn how to use hootsuite to coordinate your marketing efforts.

Need help managing twitter? Check out this article on how to use TweetDeck

How about live-tweeting an event?


Now that you have completed some successful programming, how about we evaluate it! This might not sound like fun, but tracking your progress (and knowing where your group can improve) is a real asset.

This assessment tool breaks it down, element by element.

Too basic? Try this evaluation plan workbook.


Leading a grassroots movement is difficult. You might need some help developing your leadership skills.

Interested? Check out this video dissection of social justice leadership

Connecting with Nonprofits

Want to reach out to nonprofits, but don’t know where to start?

You can also utilize this guide to networking

Plan a Training Session

We can help you or your organization coordinate a training session. Here are some topics that your group could plan a training around:

  • Human Trafficking 101- This training gives a basic overview of human trafficking, including a definition and a global distribution overview.
  • Sex Trafficking- This training delves into the difference between consenting sex work and sex trafficking. It also touches on vulnerable populations, homelessness and poverty.
  • Labor Trafficking- This training sheds light on an understated global epidemic and gives detailed narratives of how forced labor affects every corner of the globe.
  • Ethical Consumption-This training sheds light on how consumer behaviors affect labor practices worldwide and provides resources on how individuals and communities can reduce their contribution to forced and exploitative labor.
  • Anti-Human Trafficking Policy- This training gives an inclusive overview of policies which seek to fight human trafficking in local communities, nationally, and internationally.
  • Anti-Trafficking in Faith Communities- This training is designed for religious groups and details their role in the fight against trafficking.
  • Human Trafficking and Oppression- This training details the deep rooted systemic intersections of oppression that continue to fuel human trafficking.
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